In a bubble…

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this or not, but my mom is the director of a pregnancy care center.  Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day helping her get her computers there working the way she wanted them to.  Meanwhile, the kiddos were keeping themselves entertained watching videos, doing as little school as possible and taking to occasionally trip out to the parking lot to retrieve something out of Mom’s car.  Well, on one of these trips out to the car, the kiddos accidentally locked the back door of the office, so they had to walk around to the front.  Well, Mom was a little upset and explained to the kids how there was some guy who hangs around near their building and he does drugs.  As soon as the words were out of her mouth, I was like “Mom, Mom, MOM!”  She “didn’t hear me” and kept going.    So, when she finally finished, my kids walked off and I said “Mom I don’t think my kids know what ‘drugs’ are!”

Now, before I get TONS of hate mail, let me say that number one, my kiddos are always with me, or with someone I trust. Number two, my kids know they aren’t supposed to take ANYTHING from a stranger, unless Mom or Dad says it’s ok. They also know that they are not to take any type of medicine without asking an adult. We’ve also taught them about stranger danger, and taught them techniques to escape from an abductor.  We are not naive about safety! What we haven’t done is shown them the druggie on the street corner, or gone into details when we see news stories about children who have been abducted and found dead.

But as I started thinking about it today, my kids really are in a bubble, and in many ways I think it’s good.  We haven’t had to deal with so many issues that I know we would be dealing with if they were in school, public or otherwise.  Plus, when the hard issues do come up, we (or me, I mean I, ok.. and sometime Mr. OverKill) are right there to talk with them and explain the issue within their realm of understanding. My 3 year old doesn’t need to know as much as my 7 year old.    I guess the bottom line is that we are able to keep their innocence for a bit longer, than if they were being educated in a different setting.You know what?  I think that’s a good thing!  Life can be so heartbreaking, so why not keep their innocence in tact as long as possible?

You know what else, I kind of keep myself in a bubble.  I am aware of the evil that is going on in the world, but I try not to focus on it.  If I am constantly reminded about the evil around me, I get scared and forget about the Good that lives within me.

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.  I John 4:4

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