Color Safe Bleach

Over the last year, I have been getting used to my new washer. One thing that I sort of knew going into it was that I would have to deal with a musty/mildewy smell.  Especially since my washer is located in an unair-conditioned room. So, once a week or so, I run some bleach through the  “clean washer” cycle and that takes care of the odor  However, I have also learned that a little color-safe bleach goes a long way in helping keep the odor from my laundry.  Especially when I certain young man puts a load of laundry in and then forgets about it all weekend….blech!

Well, I had run out of color-safe bleach because the weather has been so mild, mildew hasn’t been an issue.  So, yesterday on our weekly shopping trip I planned to buy the generic color safe bleach, even though it wasn’t on sale.  MAN!!!  Roughly $7.00 for generic colorsafe bleach.  As I was standing there, contemplating how bad it would be to make a certain young man wear moldy smelling clothes, something caught my eye.  It was this….


Hmm.. chlorine free bleach… it says color-safe right on the front too.  The ingredient list was pretty much the same, the price was not!  Brace yourselves, $1.69!  Woo Hoo, that went in the buggy.  So, we are trying it out today, and so far, so good!

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