Whether you realize it or not, if you have kids at home, you are homeschooling them on some level.  Whether it’s full time,  science projects, homework, or keeping their skills sharp over the summer, you are teaching your children in your home.

So, here are some things we have tried, some successful, others not so much.

Our New and Improved Notebook System

Fun Reading Motivation

Draw it!

Set the Table for Learning

Homeschool Bargains

Homeschooling 101

State Geography

Math Trick

Leonardo da Vinci Lesson

Homeschool Record Keeping

In a Bubble

Reading for boys, that won’t make them cry!

HopScotch Helps Memory

I think I was having a midlife crisis.

On the Books

Measure man, measure girl, measure monster!

Year-round school

Fourth of July Lapbook

AWESOME Educational links:



Puzzler Maker

Word Scramble Mak

Enchanted Learning

Book Adventure



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