Frugal Tunes

I got rhythm, I got music,
I got my man —
Who could ask for anything more?


I have wanted a way to play music in my kitchen for years.  I really wish that I had thought more about it when we remodeled the kitchen a couple of years ago.  Alas, I didn’t. oh well.

Well, a week or so ago,  I came up with a pretty decent and frugal way to have my tunes in the kitchen.  And, the bonus, the speakers don’t look horrible.

A few years ago Mr. OverKill got a new computer for the shop.  It came with a pair of speakers, which he doesn’t use.  I have had them around the house for the last year or two, using them in various ways.  But this is, by far, the best way!


So, this is the window over my kitchen sink, which now has two speakers that I can conveniently plug into my iPod or my HTC Hero.  I didn’t occur to me that I could plug a set of computer speakers right into an mp3 player, much less my cell phone.

So, of course I had to share with you :) Used computer speakers abound in second hand shops for less than you would pay for a set of speakers made specifically for an mp3 player.  And, personally, I found that these have better sound quality than the last little set of mp3 speakers we had.

Yeah! Now I can rock out while I cook, clean, and serve my family.

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