Beef Stroganoff, Frazzled Mama Style

Now, before you jump all over my recipe, I already said it was Frazzled Mama Style.  Beef Stroganoff was one of Mr. Overkill’s favorite meals.  I never could quite get it right though, until now.  I am sure that one day, I totally made this up because I was looking for yet another Stroganoff recipe, thinking, don’t have that ingredient, or that one, but I do have that.  So, I just threw together what I did have and everyone loves it, even the kiddos!

So, start with ground beef or venison, and brown it.

Then, add the following….

I like to start with the Garlic Salt.  Just sprinkle it in there, a nice even covering over all the meat.

Then, add 1 can cream of mushroom soup, about 8 oz. of sour cream, and sprinkle, I would guess a scant teaspoon of beef bouillon.

At this point it will be very thick. Do not panic!  Add some milk until the mixture is what you like for Stroganoff.

Mine looks like this….

Mmmm, stroganoffy!  For busy nights, I will make this an hour or so before we need to eat and keep it on a low setting on the stove.  It does need to be stirred once in a while ( a good job for the kiddos).  When we are about ready to eat, I boil some egg noodles, and away we go!

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Suzi July 31, 2009 at 3:38 pm

I am soooooooo making this for dinner tonight :) , with ground turkey though


frazzledmama August 3, 2009 at 4:42 pm

How’d it come out with the ground turkey???


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