HopScotch Helps Memory

I had a thought a couple days ago to help my kiddos learn a tough Bible verse they were working on.  I wanted to share it here, because it is definitely going down in my book  of “Tricks of the Trade”.

I made a big hopscotch in our driveway (It would have made a better picture if the chalk was a different color, sorry!) and then I wrote one or two words from the verse in each square, in order.  So, the game was, they had to say the words before they could jump on the square.  The above picture has “All Scripture” and “is”, and so on, for the whole verse….


Above, says “God breathed”.  We ended up making a second verse, out in the sunshine, in yellow chalk, you can see it a little better….

Hmmm, I know there must be a way to make the chalk more visible in these pictures…  If you know how, would you please share?  Thanks!

Back to my point, they had that verse down in about 10 minutes.

This verse was assigned to the bigger kids, but the Littles even know most of it now!  Little Man, especially!  He loves the “in righteousness” part!

This was his very own HopScotch, he was practicing his numbers….

Maybe I should have given him a Bible verse too…

Bubba came up with his own unique way to do the HopScotch…..


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Sylvia March 13, 2009 at 2:46 pm

this is so creative—-excellent in fact


frazzledmama March 13, 2009 at 4:04 pm

Why thank you! I believe my sister has also tried that for multiplication facts.


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