Movies…to go, or not to go, that is the question.

Sorry, corny, I know. 

In a household of 6 it costs a small fortune to go out to the movies.   So, what are some frugal alternatives?  Well, for starters, we don’t typically go to the movies.  Why?  Let me tell you a little story…

Mr. Overkill thought that we should go see Fireproof, while it was in the theatre.  Support it, you know.  So, we hired a babysitter (total cost roughly $40.00) and headed out to the movies (shall we include the cost of fuel, nahh) We went to a 4:00 show, (2 tickets cost $17.00).  Of course we were hungry, so we grabbed 1 popcorn and 1 bottled water ($18.00).  So, our total cost was around $75.00.  Now, I know the first rule of Frugal Movie-going is not to by snacks there.  But,  I do have some issue with the ethics revolving around bringing in your own snacks, when they have signs clearly stating that it is not allowed.  Do I think it’s unfair, yes.  Is it their business to run how they choose, yes.  So.  Even just taking in the cost of the 2 tickets, $17.00. (Imagine taking all 6 of us, $45.00)  That’s quite a bit for a one time showing. Considering that for a few bucks more, I can buy the movie on DVD and watch it an endless number of times.

Let me pause here for a moment to say that we will go for special things, like Fireproof.  I have also been know to take one child out to the movies when they have acomplished something big, like finishing the third grade (finally!) Fireproof was totally worth it, and the support we gave to the Christian Film Industry, also worth it.  I will definitly watch it again probably at home next time though, so I can cry.  I don’t cry in public.  Well, there was that one time, but I had just had a baby.


Back to my point.  Instead of rushing out to see movies when they come out, we opt for rentals or purchasing DVDs.  Typically, we rent movies for ourselves.  Movies for the kiddos?  Buy! Buy! Buy!  My girls are not satisfied with a movie until they can recite it line for line.  They have also been know to study the choreography as well. Another great source for Movies are libraries.  Our local public library has many great titles that we can check out free!  We also have a church library that has a great collection of wholesome movies. Check around at garage sales and pawn shops for movies.  Typically, you can pick up DVDs there for $5.00.  The Pawn Shop we frequent is very picky about what it buys, no scratches at all! More on pawn shops later!

Next time, creative storage for DVDs!


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