Doesn’t that look yummy?  I am not usually a big fan of cabbage.  Growing up, Mom would usually cook cabbage by baking it, with other things, like potatoes.  Personally, I think that gives cabbage the short end of the stick. (Sorry Mom!)  A dear friend of mine taught me to make sauteed cabbage.  Very yummy, the kiddos will even eat it. 

Basically what I do, is heat a skillet on High. Add a little bit of olive oil, and then the thinly sliced cabbage.  As it starts to cook, toss it around the skillet with some tongs.  At this point I usually add a bit more olive oil, some salt, and Everglades Seasoning.  Continue to toss and cook until the cabbage is no longer crunchy, but is still firm.  Yum-o!

Another way to cook cabbage is to boil it.  But again, not the best way, in MHO. But I will say, always add olive oil.  No matter how you cook it, the olive oil brings out this wonderful sweet taste in the cabbage.

Stay tuned, I have another, fix ahead Wednesday Night meal coming tomorrow, enjoy!

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