Starbucks? Frugal?

I know what you’re thinking. But, there is a way to have your Starbucks and not totally break the bank.  I have only recently started drinking coffee, but being the food snob that I am, I quickly realized that all coffee was not created equally.  So, I do typically have Starbucks everyday.  But not necessarily from Starbucks.  Mr. Overkill and I have been getting the whole beans at Starbucks and grinding and brewing at home in our press.

It tastes great, and saves us some money too.  If I was to go to Starbucks every morning for a coffee (ha ha ha) in one week I would spend roughly $26.25.  Instead, I buy a 1 pound bag of whole coffee beans for roughly $11.00 and that takes care of coffee for about a month, maybe more. So, per year, a coffee daily at Starbucks is $1,365.00, at home brewing $132.00. 

That said, we still go to Starbucks rougly twice a week.  Once on Sunday for our treat of a mocha, and then we bring a thermos of coffee to our Sunday school class.  The other time I go, and actually it’s not even once a week, but on errand day if the kids are doing a good job for me, and we are on that side of town, I will buzz through Starbucks and get their favorite treat, blended lemonade. 

Now, I don’t buy each child their own, or they would be bouncing off the walls. We get one tall and split is 5 ways.  I just ask for 4 sample cups when we are getting our drink and each kiddo gets “their own”.  So this reward for the kids costs me a whopping $2.78, or 55 cents each.  Totally worth being able to say, “Let’s do a good job for mom so we can go to Starbucks.”

Two more ways to save. Right now, if I come through on errand day, my reciept is stamped with a coupon for any Grande cold drink for $2.00 after 2:00pm.  Which works out nicely for me, since our Homeschool Mom’s Night Out is always on a Monday, if we make it through while running errands then I can pop back through and get something to help keep me awake through the meeting. (Which is a good thing since I’m supposed to be in charge of those). The second way, is to load a gift card and use that to make all our purchases at Starbucks.  Why?  If you register your gift card, Starbucks will keep track of your purchases and you get discounts and freebies. Check it out here

And you know what? If you want to buy me a coffee, check out the bottom of my web page!

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