“Less than”

by frazzledmama on October 1, 2016

Lately, I have been feeling such an urgency to give encouragement to young moms.  I have so many conversation with moms who are pouring themselves out for their families, they are following the Lord’s leading to serve in roles of wife and mom..and yet they feel “less than.”   I can identify, because I struggle with the “less than” feeling.  No matter how on top of my game I am, something is neglected, something falls through the cracks, and I feel like a failure.  Of course, I can’t focus on the 25 things that did get accomplished, just the 1 thing I failed at.   I think as women we have a tendency to magnify our faults on every level. Berating ourselves over that 10 pounds, that new wrinkle, parenting mistakes, accounting shortfalls, grey hairs that have a mind of their own (I mean seriously, I don’t need a silver curly Q sticking up 2 inches from my forehead!), the never ending to –do list…that literally never achieves completion.

Oh that we could see ourselves through God’s eyes when we stoop(or stand on tip toe) to embrace our children, when we stop the to-do list to play, discipline or disciple our children!  Jesus said in Matthew 25 that as we minister to those in need, those in prison, the hungry, the sick, that we are ministering to HIM.

And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me. Matthew 25:40

He sees us loving HIM when we put our agenda aside to comfort a teething baby, He takes that SO personally, like you are comforting HIM.  It is an odd notion at first… to think of me, a mere human, comforting the Maker of the Universe, but that is what HIS word says.  Your time spent ministering to your family is time spent ministering TO the Lord. 

Dear Mamas, please hear me…

You are not “less than” when you don’t study God’s word for 2 hours a day.
You are not “less than” when the laundry piles up and you go to bed anyway.
You are not “less than” when school gets put on the back burner to tackle behavioral and character issues.

We were not created to accomplish a to-do list, win Ms. America, or create a Pinterest perfect home 24/7.  We were created to glorify God and enjoy HIM forever.  Forever includes now.  If you have children at home, that is the task the Lord has assigned to you through which you can glorify HIM.  Glorify God by serving your children, glorify God by disciplining your children, glorify God by discipling your children, glorify God by loving your children.  The impact you have on your children is eternal, that to-do list, not so much. 

This is my prayer for you today, may the Lord increase the fruits of your righteousness and may you see the eternal value in the precious kingdom work you are doing.


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