Master Bedroom Update

by frazzledmama on August 18, 2016

So, back in February I posted this picture on Facebook…and I realized how sad my bedroom was beginning to look.  Back in 2008 I had a complete makeover of my bedroom due to a molding bathroom/wall/carpet.  It was a beautiful space that was so relaxing. Fast forward 8 years and my room was not a priority and it had become a miss mash of tolerated comforters and dysfunctional nightstands.


My dear friend Krazy Kristin, who is a furniture refurbishing genius, offered to help me spruce up my master bedroom.  The project has been completed for a while, but life keeps me quite busy now and my room is not always neat and tidy, although that is something I am working on, and feel more motivated to do, because this is my new master……




Krazy Kristin refurbished my antique hope chest….


and our gun cabinet…


It doesn’t look so much like a gun cabinet anymore, does it?


Antique gas cans adding a nice rustic touch.


Mr. OverKill’s dresser, and new galvanized buckets to hold all of his… miscellaneous.


One of my absolute favorite parts of the new room are our “lamps.”  They are on pullies(which I realize now you can’t really see in these pictures) and the height can be adjusted.  This is especially helpful when I am still up at night reading or crocheting, and Mr. OK is trying to sleep.


I stained some wooden crates and mounted them on the wall for floating nightstands.  These are much more useful than what I had before.  The baskets underneath offer a place for my iron and hairdryer to hide.


One of my favorite sayings that pretty much sums up my marriage…it’s supposed to be a sweet sentiment….not a commentary on my memory.  Anywho….it was a fun project and the first sign I combined stain and paint to achieve the rustic finish.  I do love how it turned out.


Much softer window treatments, with super fun industrial curtain rods.


And the piece that started it all, the headboard….an antique door, refinished by Krazy Kristin, galvanized metal aged by me, and attached by my Dad,  “floating” on the wall.


I found the quilt at Belk’s, and love it so much I keep meaning to buy a backup for when this one gets ruined…..


And there you have it, my new and improved mater bedroom.  Props to Krazy Kristin for all her help, to Little Man for helping me paint, to my Dad for hanging the curtain rods, nightstands, and headboard.  And of course to Mr. OverKill for putting up with my crazy antics.

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