Building Memories in the Garden

by frazzledmama on September 5, 2015

This year, I am determined to have a huge, plentiful, beautiful, garden…as far as it is within my control.  I researched and planned, ordered seeds and baked the garden.  Then, I somewhat patiently waited for September to arrive so that I could get started on this seasons garden.


Today, finally the first Saturday in September, and I had a nice wide open spot on my calendar.  Time to plant the garden.  I recruited Bubba to build me a new trellis for growing cucumbers.  Once we had a materials list, we headed to the store to pick up some PVC pipe, lime, and a respirator.

I know, a respirator?  Well it seems that I have something blooming out in the yard that makes me feel like I have the flu every time I work out in the yard.  So, I decided that in the interest of my health, I needed to wear a respirator.

Get ready to laugh…..


Gram’s hat, my Ray Bans, and a respirator.  Doesn’t get much funnier than that!

I started tilling up the dirt so that I could incorporate my big three supplements to the soil, fertilizer, lime, and ironite. As I worked away I remembered one reason I love working in the garden.  It gives me time to think and pray.  So I was thinking and praying and realized that I was all alone…planting the garden.  There were no pudgy little hands begging to push seeds entirely too far into the dirt.  No eager volunteers hoping for a chance to man the rake or the hose :)

And then I was sad. 

For about 2.7 minutes.

That’s about how long it took for this girl to wander out and ask if I’d like some help.


Which was a huge help because my neck and shoulders have been giving me a fit lately.

Then, this guy came out and assemble the new “trellis” for the cucs.


Before I knew it, I had eager volunteers manning the rake and the tape measure.


Their slender, ever more adult-like hands carefully planted each seed with care and attention to the correct depth.


And my heart sang. 

Today was special and a memory that will warm my heart every time I step into the garden.

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