The Truth About Panic Attacks–Part Two

by frazzledmama on August 6, 2014


I am totally overwhelmed and humbled by the response I’ve received from my first post in this series, entitle, “The Truth About Panic Attacks.”   Today I’d like to share with you some of the things that have helped me to deal with my panic attacks.  I’m not going to go into all the medical jargon or give lengthy explanations about how/why these things help because, I’m not a medical professional.  What I am sharing here today is just my personal experience.  My hope is that I can help others who may be struggling with panic attacks.

Help in Preventing Panic Attacks


  • Vitamin B- Not only is it great from energy, but it supports your adrenals, and helps you deal with stress. 500-1,000 mg daily
  • Vitamin C- We all know about the great immune boosting power of vitamin C, but it is also a HUGE helper for stress.  During high stress situations, I have been known to carry a bottle of vitamin C and pop them frequently throughout the day.  Vitamin C is great because it will let you know if you are taking too much ;)
  • Selenium- Selenium is actually useful for helping to balance hormones, which will help your panic attacks, and balance out your whole body.


  • High quality Fish Oil- I know, eww, gross.  I’ve been taking Whole Mega brand for about 8 months now, and it isn’t horrible, especially if you take it in the middle of a meal.
  • L-Theanine- I’ve been taking a brand called Theanine Serene for about 8 months now.  I take it daily, as part of my regular routine. This complex contains amino acids that supports relaxation, eases tension, and promotes calming.


  • 8 hours minimum.
  • The more hours you can log before midnight, the better.
  • Sleep in as long as you can, as often as you can, up to 9:00am.  The adrenals are one of the last systems that your body repairs at night, so the longer you can sleep, the more help they are given.
  • Make sure you are sleeping.  I know, duh!  But honestly, I didn’t realize how poorly I was sleeping until I actually got a good night’s rest.  Try to find a natural sleep aid that works for you.  I am still working on finding something that works well for me.


  • Get out and take a walk.  Walking is one of the best things you can do if you are having hormone imbalance.
  • Yoga is a great relaxation tool and is helpful in reducing stress.
  • Steer away from high intensity exercise for a time.  Give your body a chance to heal.

See Your Doc:

  • You need to see a doctor if you are having panic attacks, simply to rule out any serious medical conditions.
  • Ask for an adrenal panel, to see where your levels are at.
  • Try to find a Doc that will work with you on homeopathic and natural options before writing you a prescription.  I know, some of us need an Rx strength to conquer the issues we are having, but know that every prescription comes with a side effect.

Check Your Diet:

  • Try to make healthier food choices.  Avoid processed foods, foods with high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, and excessive caffeine.  Eat more fruits and veggies, especially green leafy vegetables.
  • Get checked for food allergies.  Sounds odd, I know, but food allergies bring down your entire body, and can be the cause of panic attacks.

Reduce Your Stress:

  • Yeah….that is going to have to be a post all on it’s own ;)

In the Moment

If you have suffered a panic attack, you know you can feel it coming on.  You are familiar with that small subtle indicator that lets you know it’s going downhill, and fast.  These are the things that I find most helpful when in the midst of a panic attack.

  • Pray!
  • Focus -Remind yourself Who is in control, and focus your mind to remember that even though it feels like it’s going to, a panic attack isn’t going to kill you.
  • Relora- This is the best thing I have come across yet. If you don’t try any of the other things in this list, try this!  Relora basically tells your body to stop making cortisol and to turn off your adrenals.  This is my go to when I feel a panic attack coming on.  Within a few minutes of taking it, my symptoms start to ease, and it is a lovely feeling.  Seriously, I don’t go anywhere without this stuff.
  • Breathing exercises-  Wouldn’t you know, I can’t find the nifty video I learned my breathing technique from.  It’s pretty simple.  Using your thumb and pointer finger you alternate plugging one nostril at a time, and breath in slowly for a count of 3.  So, say you start using your right thumb, plug your right nostril and inhale for a count of 3.  Before exhaling, plug your left nostril with your right pointer finger then exhale slowly for a count of 3.  Now inhale for a slow count of 3 with your left nostril still plugged.  then, switch.  Clear as mud, right?  The point is, slow and careful breathing can help to slow down a panic attack.
  • Alcohol- I know, it’s not an option for everyone, and definitely not in every setting.  But, sometimes a glass of wine is just what the doctor ordered.  Especially if you are out to dinner and left your purse, with your relora, at home :0

So, there you have it.  These are the things that have been a huge help for me in reducing and coping with panic attacks.  Stay tuned for my third post in this series on reducing stress.

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Tracey Spencer February 16, 2017 at 12:59 pm

I’m on the other end of frazzlevile, empty-nester, no kids to direct my life anymore and didn’t get a career going for myself. I finally got a part-time “job” after trying for 2 years (and it ain’t getting any easier as you get older -am 53, 54 on the 27th of Feb) but I still have way too much empty time on my hands. Not having enough to do can also create anxiety and fear. Thank you for your posts, I look forward to hearing/sharing more.

A Sister in Christ – Tracy


frazzledmama February 17, 2017 at 12:27 pm


Thanks for your comment! Honestly, I am a little scared of what my life will look like when the kids are all out on their own….since it causes some anxiety just thinking about it, I can only imagine living it!


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