Hidden Gifts

by frazzledmama on April 1, 2014

Sunday Mr. OverKill took the children to get ice cream.  Since we haven’t been allowing much sugar in their diet, you can imagine there was a need to burn off some energy when they arrived home.  We decided to take them down to the lake and let them run while we walked, dipped our feet in the water, and watched the sunset.

gifts 2

It was beautiful, cool, and breezy.

gifts 3

And the photo ops were amazing!

gifts 4


gifts 5

It was such a nice relaxing time, just to be…

gifts 6

For the kids to run…

gifts 7

to play….

gifts 8

and be silly, even!

gifts 9

It was a hidden gift


Today I was given another hidden gift.  It came wrapped in trappings that immediately had me viewing this gift as a curse. Test results, declaring that I have not only gluten to contend with, but 16 other “protein-similar” foods, including rice, sorghum, and….coffee.


I was very discouraged.  I thought one was bad enough, but 17!  But as I went to my Heavenly Father and poured out my heart, He ever so gently reminded me that I asked for this.  Five years ago I asked Him to help me be healthy, and it has been a long winding road that, honestly, I thought I was at the end of.  And so, I thanked the Lord that I was able to have this testing done, that I was able to identify the foods that are making me feel horrible, and hinder my work serving Him as I serve my family, friends, and community. 

I thanked Him for the hidden gift or knowledge that is going to help me be better able to serve my King.

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