Someone’s Missing From Our Table

by frazzledmama on February 20, 2014

After 3 wonderful years of “doing” school together at our table, this week Mr. OverKill and I made the decision to cut Bubba loose from “school with mom.” I have loved this time with my kiddos, learning alongside them and having fabulous conversations about history, science, and Bible. I had been debating moving him into a more independent curriculum since he is in the 9th grade.  He would really enjoy having the freedom to work ahead in his studies in order to take advantage of job opportunities….. But my mothers heart just didn’t want to loose our precious time together everyday at the table.  This week, the Lord made it clear to me that now is the time to grant Bubba this freedom.  He even provided the curriculum, it was sitting on my shelf!


So, The Frazzled Mama enters a new phase of life, “Life with a High schooler.”  It stinks!  I’m not sure who this process is harder on, me or him ;)  It is so hard to start letting him go…to start letting him be independent. I know, it’s what we have been working towards for 14 years, but it is bittersweet. I am proud of the young man he is becoming and the strong work ethic he is developing, but I will miss is smiling face at the other end of our school table.

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