14 Days of Valentines, For The Kiddos

by frazzledmama on February 4, 2013

I mentioned the other day on Facebook that I was working on a 14 days of Valentines project for the kiddos and Mr. Overkill.  I also mentioned that I would try to share my ideas her on the blog.  So, here I am.  The thing is, first of all, Mr. OverKill reads my blog…so I really can’t post anything I’m going to do for him, because well, that would ruin the surprise for him!  Second of all, since I am a Pinterest addict, I found plenty of ideas and free printables out there, that I don’t have to recreate – SWEET!!!  Third, and finally, my kiddos are now quite internet savvy and also read my blog.  So, rather than give a detailed plan, I will share with you some of my favorite sites for Valentine ideas this year.

Seriously, anyone who has boys understands the attraction of these valentines:

New Homemade Cupid Poop Valentines Day Candy Novelty Gag Gift w M M's Favor | eBay

Unfortunately, the link on Pinterest was to an eBay auction, which had ended…so I made my own. 

Cupid poop - 2

Cute, no? (If you would like to print these out, click here.)

Then, a first world tragedy occurred, my printer decided it didn’t want to print in color any more. (I am currently on hold with the printer company trying to get it fixed – sigh.) So, I opted to print them in black and white onto some red construction paper.  They turned out just fine, and the kiddos loved them!

cupid poop-1

Another great Valentine inspiration came from Creative Ladies Ministry:

really cute

Six Sisters’ Stuff has a ton of cute ideas!

And last but not least, We Love Being Moms has these adorable printables, free!

Lest I leave you guys out, on ideas for that special lady in your life, check out Richard Barrette’s article over at the Home Education Family Association blog today. 

Saying “I Love You” Like a Man

Hilarious!  Mr. Overkill says, he’s got V Day covered now, as he is currently – I mean as we speak – replacing the water pump in the van, doing an oil change, and…wait for it…..rotating the tires!!!

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