Christmas Card Photo Nightmare

by frazzledmama on December 24, 2012

Every year, I say it’s going to be different.  I’m going to set up a session with a photographer, and get a great family picture for our Christmas card.  And every year, I don’t.  But, we made a very heroic effort of it this year.

We attempted to get a nice one at the girl’s orchestra concert. 

card attempt 1

Nice hot pink glow, don’t ya think?

So, we decided to whip out the old tripod and give it another go at the house.

card attempt 2

Really people?

card attempt 3

Not horrible, except the lighting, and the lack of smiles from Mr. OverKill, oh and Tootle looking half cross eyed.

card attempt 4


So, I took the kids outside a day or two later and tried to get a decent shot. 

card attempt 5

You would think I was torturing them.

card attempt 6

Really Tootle???

card attempt 7


Card attempt 8

And then Little Man whips out the “evil genius pose.”

card attempt 9

Come on lighting!!!! Help a girl out!

I did finally get one that we decent….and here is our 2012 Christmas Card.


Hoping you and yours have a blessed, Christ-centered Christmas.

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