I Knew This Day Would Come…

by frazzledmama on November 24, 2012

I am officially too busy to write regularly on the blog. 

There, I said it.

Those words bring relief and sadness to me all in one rush of emotion.  Relief, to finally admit what you all have seen over the last few months.  And sadness, because I fear it’s the beginning of the end.  I love writing here, and preserving sweet memories of our family, which I still wholeheartedly desire to do…. Yet, there is a stronger pull for me to really live…not simply scurry through my day and blog about it in the wee hours.  Because of this, I am sure my posting will be sporadic for a time. 

Now, all that said, I want to encourage you to find a way to celebrate advent with your family this year.  I am loving how we have an entire week between Thanksgiving and the first day of advent this year.  It gives so much time to actually think through and prepare what we want to do!

We have been using Arnold Ytreeide’s advent story books for a few years now, and really love them.  You can find them on Amazon, and if you need to order them, you still have plenty of time.

Bartholomew's Passage

I ran across this idea on Pinterest, which I think for younger ones is very cool!


I think the whole “Elf on the Shelf” idea is a hoot!  What fun to set that little guy up playing tricks and getting into mischief.  My kids are probably a little old for it, but still a great idea!

I also love this one. 


What a great way to get your kids involved.  I have a stack of paper ornaments that I made with several names of Jesus on them.  Sometimes they are on the tree, other times they find themselves on garland.  But the kids love reading them as they walk by.  Another great reminder!

You can also visit some of my other posts on Christmas Countdowns and Advent ideas linked up at the bottom of this post.

I know that most of these activities require a daily commitment.  But, can I encourage you that even if you don’t do every little thing, what you can do will impact your kids!  When my kiddos were much smaller I had grand ideas and plans for advent…many of which were not fully completed.  Life with Littles is never dull and usually never routine :)  But they do remember the parts we did…they had no clue I gave up mid stream.  And now, when we get a “do-over” for various projects, there are parts that are new and fresh to them. Sneaky, I know. 

So, what are your plans for advent this year?  How will you take deliberate steps to make Christ the center of your celebration?

Christmas Countdown

12 Days of Christmas Book

The 12 Days of Christmas (Background)

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