by frazzledmama on July 17, 2012

Yesterday’s Facebook post,

Today’s goal: Reduce my idle time. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Recently, I have been feeling as though there aren’t enough hours in the day.  It seems as though I get to the end of my day exhausted, but not finished with the day’s to-do list.  I assumed that my exhaustion was another thyroid issue, and the failure to complete my tasks was a direct result of feeling over-tired.  I had some blood work done and found that I did need my meds adjusted some, but not increased, as I would have assumed.  They needed to be decreased…inconceivable!  However, my blood work did show something was off, my vitamin D levels.  Guess what, low levels of vitamin d can make you tired.  Interesting….

vitamin d07172012_0000
Interesting fact sheet on Vitamin D I received at the Docs. Click for pdf.

So, I started on a vitamin D supplement and have felt some better, but still don’t feel as though I am completing all that I should in a day.  Yesterday I decided to specifically focus on removing idle time from my “work day”  to see if that made any impact.  I’m not sure that it did, even though I did accomplish quite a bit.  I am determined to keep at for the rest of this week to see if things get any better…  I really hope they do!

Here is my inspiration verse:

proverbs 31-27

Feel free to print for personal use :)

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Tom-Rebecca Jones July 24, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Praying the Lord will bless your efforts Margaret!  Did you know there is a Vitamin D Council website (  A friend just recently told me about it because she thought their research might help with Lydia’s seizures.  

Love that printable.  You are such a talent!  :)


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