Toothpick Wreath Tutorial

by frazzledmama on May 25, 2012

Back in March I made this fabulous cocktail umbrella wreath for Sugar Belle’s birthday party.  I absolutely love how it turned out, and oh my, they are SO easy to make.  All you need is a vine wreath, cocktail umbrella toothpicks, snips, and a hot glue gun.


Are you ready?  Simply slide the toothpick end of the umbrella through the vine wreath.  Arrange them around the entire wreath, overlapping the umbrellas and being sure that none of the vine is showing.


You will end up with this scary looking thing….


Next, put a dot of hot glue on each toothpick to ensure that the umbrellas stay in place.  I found it helpful to make sure that the umbrella was open enough before I glued it in place.  That way, I could apply more pressure if needed before gluing and then hold onto the umbrella in that position until the glue had set.


Your last step is to take a pair of snips and cut off the excess toothpicks from the back of the wreath.

And voilà….


Today, I decided to make up a couple wreaths for Memorial Day and Fourth of July. I originally thought I would use bunches of little American flags to make the wreath, but changed my mind.  I really didn’t care for how it looked.  However, I did find some patriotic jumbo picks that worked quite well.


On the wreath pictured above, I hyperextended the umbrella so that it looks like fireworks.  This wreath was a green foam wreath I had lying around.  I simply pushed the toothpick all the way through the foam, snipped off the excess and hot glued them into place.


This wreath, I wanted to be a bit more simple, so I only used 3 of the picks.  I really like the rustic effect :)

These wreaths are easy peasy, quick, and look great!

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