I think I was having a midlife crisis…

by frazzledmama on February 27, 2009

then, my mother informed me that I could not be labeled “midlife”yet, so I guess I was just having a crisis.  :)

It all started with Bubba.  Here in the great State of Florida, 4th grade students are subjected to the…..


If they do not pass the test, they do not pass the grade.  I am confident that Bubba could pass all but one portion of the test, the writing.  Why?  Well for one thing, his hand can’t keep up with his brain, and it frustrates him.  The other problem is that he has a hard time following the prescribed writing format that they expect.  Now, if he dictates to me, he does fine, see?

David's Dragster

RCs are the coolest cars   There are two kinds of RC cars, ones that run on batteries and ones that run on gasoline. I have an RC that runs on batteries.

To use an RC that runs on batteries first the batteries have to be charged.  It takes about 5-15 minutes to charge the batteries.  Then you put the battery into the RC car and you are ready to drive.  My RC uses a trigger on the remote control to make it go forward and backward.  My RC can go about 30 miles per hour.  I like to make ramps for my RC to jump.  I keep the trigger down to make the RC jump really high.  I also sometimes do doughnuts with my RC.

Sometimes RCs get broken and you have to go to the hobby shop to get the parts to fix it.  You can also order parts from the Traxxes company.  But sometimes the problem is just the steering or running trim on the remote control.  But that is easy to fix, you just turn the dial to the right place.

I really like my RC car.  Someday I want to go to the RC race track in Avon Park and race it with other cars and on its own.  I think it will come in 1st place.

Age 7

So, this year, I got a letter in the mail that said if we wanted him to, Bubba could take the FCAT.  It stressed me out!  I freaked out a little and thought, heck no!  But I also went a little over board and bought this fancy writing curriculum (used of course) and have been trying to sqeeze my precious son into a box.  Until 2 weeks ago when I gave up, and realized this is so ridiculous.  THIS is WHY I homeschool, so he doesn’t have to be sqeezed into a box, and yet here I was sqeezing!

So, I did some research and decided that since Bubba and Sugar Belle were both doing so well with the classical style education we were doing in a few other subjects, I would poke around and see what the classical approach did for writing.  Well, they don’t start them with any writing until around age 8.  I found this neat program that allowed me to download a sample of their curriculum, which we have been using for a week or so now.  Bubba loves it, and seems to be getting a lot out of it.  You can check it out over at www.writing-tales.com.  So, I am debating about saving up to buy the program, or trying to duplicate it.  Hmmm….time or money….

Then next thing that has sent me into a midlife crisis is my weight loss, stupid I know.  But when you loose 13 pounds and then look in the mirror, you suddenly have “fine lines” aka wrinkles around your eyes.  Not to mention the amount of grey hair that has suddenly sprouted out all over my head.  I have always said I would never dye my hair to cover up grey, but you know, I almost bought a bottle of dye this week at the store.  It was even on sale!  Maybe it was a sign…

I think I need a day off so that I can slow down and remember what I’m doing, and why!  And maybe to pay a visit to my hair salon ;)

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Renee February 27, 2009 at 10:24 pm

Well, well, well. I know a lady…I can fix you up…I’ve been covering the grey for about 15 years. :)


frazzledmama February 28, 2009 at 9:22 am

15 years! OK, I thought it was just me!


Mo March 2, 2009 at 1:49 am

FCAT? Don’t stoop to that…after all, they spend nine months teaching to the test and kids STILL can’t pass it! Teach to God’s test….character, integrity, kindness….and no one EVER fails. Sometimes you get sent back and you have to learn the lesson all over again, though…LOL I’m glad you let Bubba out of his box. Now as for the gray? Dye it baby, dye it! Until you can go gray as nicely as your mom and grandma (who are certainly at different levels of grayness, but both are BEAUTIFUL) you should just cover it up!


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