A Little Man Double Feature

by frazzledmama on July 18, 2011

Little Man had a very exciting weekend.  Saturday, he and Bubba got to spend all day with Mr. OverKill at the shop.  BIG DEAL! The boys always come home from Mr. Ok’s shop a little more grown up than they were when they left.

Later that evening while eating a raw carrot, Little Man partially knocked out his front tooth, so right before bed, he let Mr. OverKill finish it off.


I cried.  Yes, it’s true.  No I’m not joking.  My baby is growing up way to fast for my tastes.


But he was very proud and excited.

Sunday after church we came home and had one big, huge, giant, lazy day.  It was wonderful.  Little Man, being Lego obsessed, spent his day creating a new type of gun.


Oh….. look at his little toothless smile.  Excuse me for a moment sniff sniff.

Okay, I’m better now

.Are you ready for this? It’s a “cannistol.”  True story, that was the name he had given it.  Why?


It’s a pistol and a cannon. Really people, why haven’t we thought of this before?

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O Buck July 19, 2011 at 2:09 am

people consider the flint lock pistole as a cannon


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