Floppy Hats

by frazzledmama on July 7, 2011

Last weekend we had a huge Fourth of July party out at my parents place.  My children played in the water for the majority of the day, and they had a great time!  Sadly, Mr. OverKill and I will not be up for “parents of the year” any time soon.  We neglected to reapply sunscreen to the kiddos faces.  Yeah.

Poor things.

So today, when my mother-in-law called and asked if she could take the kiddos over to the coast in hopes of seeing the last shuttle launch, I knew the beach would be involved, and I knew I needed to do something for Sugar Belle.  Her skin is so fair, just like mine :)  She ended up with some real damage on her nose, see?


Bless her heart!  We have been dumping aloe on her face all week, and it looks 100 times better.  But the aloe was burning a little bit today, because the couple of spots that had blistered broke open.  I knew trying to put her heavy zinc sunblock on would be torture.

Mr. OverKill’s Aunt had told me about some cute floppy hats that Martha Stewart had patterns and directions for on her website.  I thought a big floppy hat might be helpful for her at the beach. 


I was a little skeptical at first because there were several comments about the pattern being difficult and not quite matching up after printing.  But, I figured with my sewing knowledge I might be able to muddle through. So, I quickly printed the pattern and got busy sewing away.

I came out cute, but the crown and the side didn’t quite match up, so I had to make a little dart…none the less, I think it still looked alright.


Almost cute, with the print on the hat…

I love this picture, it reminds me of Holly Hobby


Anywho, I did get the hat finished just in time to send it with Sugar Belle to the beach. 

Here’s hoping it helps!

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