Beagles are not good running partners

by frazzledmama on February 16, 2011

This morning I got up off my lazy bum and went for a run.  I haven’t exercised in about 3 weeks because I was having a flare up of some sort.  Not sure how to accurately describe it other than, I had inflammation.  Bad.  It felt like my sinuses were swollen to about 4 times their normal size, and it was throwing my equilibrium into a tailspin.

Today, I was feeling better and after a challenge from Iron Man, I thought I had better get things rolling again.  Since the kiddos had spent the night with their “Mom” (My mom, but that’s what they call her.  I know.) I decided to go for a more scenic run than just up and down my street.  Of course, the paranoid person that lives in my head thought it would be a good idea to take Bo, our beagle, you know, for protection.  Because beagles are known for being intimidating……

Yeah I know.


Well….sorry paranoid person that lives in my head, but you no longer get a vote when it comes to taking the beagle on a run. Nope, Nu-ah, Nada, Zilch.

What a pain!  He tripped me no fewer than 6 times.  By some miracle I didn’t have to introduce my face to the sidewalk.

Oh and by the way, my dog doesn’t know how to mark.  You know, that thing male dogs do….to mark their territory.  No, he doesn’t mark like a normal dog,


No, he chooses to leave droppings….like a rabbit.  Do you know hard it is to run when your beagle has to stop and poo every 10 feet.

Yeah, never again.

FYI, I am working on that “What to do, part two” post.  Hoping to get it posted tonight.  We shall see…..

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