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by frazzledmama on November 12, 2008

Garden Update

Something exciting happend yesterday.  I harvested some green beans from my garden!  I was SO excited.  I have never been able to get green bean plants to grow well enough to produce beans.  Give me some broccolli, greens, peppers of any kind, tomatoes…even pineapple, and I can grow some food.  Green beans have always elluded me, until now…

And here is a shot of the whole garden.  It is going really well.  I only had to replace a few plants, but that’s OK, now I will have some for a late harvest. 

We’ve come a long way, no?

My mother-in-law has about a dozen or so strawberry plants for me too, which I am hoping to get in today.  I know you can’t see the plants so well, but I have about 15 tomatoes on the plant on the right and tons of little grean beans that aren’t yet ready to harvest.  Uncle Donald said that my next round of fertilizer should be Colorburst.  It’s a specific type of fertilizer that encourages plants to bloom.  If green bean plants bloom, then they also produce more beans.

My sister and I also made an interesting observation this year.  Our plants that we started from seeds are outperforming the plants that we purchased already started.   They surpassed them in size and production so far.  So, we learned a valuable lesson, no more plants, we’ll just start all our own from seeds. 

Date Night

Some of you know by now that Mr. Overkill and I have a standing date night once a week.  His parents have been such a blessing to us and have kept the kiddos every Tuesday night for about 8 years now.  That’s commitment!  So, last night for date night, Mr. OK taught me how to hook up the camper to the van, and all the little nuances that go with the trailer.  Now, I am not unexperienced at hooking up and pulling trailers, not at all.  But I have never pulled anything that big before.  He was also trying to teach me how to back it up and park it so that I can go out to our campsite tomorrow and set up while he is at work. That way we won’t have to wait for him to get off work to head out.  We aren’t going out of town this time, just a nice local camping trip with our church.  FUN!  So, back to the trailer.  I think it went pretty well.  Pulling it was a breeze, backing it is a different story.  I told Mr. OK that I hope no one that I know is there when I arrive at the campground.  I don’t mind having to try a million times, as long as I don’t have an audience.

Stay tuned, I will be posting a Wonderful Wednesday Night Dinner, made just for Bubba (it’s his birthday!)

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Renee November 12, 2008 at 10:32 am

Hey, I’ll be there to cheer you on! Don’t worry…I’m parking mine too! Maybe we can laugh together!


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