Fishing with the Fam

by frazzledmama on April 23, 2010

A few weeks ago we went camping with our awesome church family.  While there, we were able to take the kiddos out fishing for a few hours.


We found a nice bridge and got everyone set up with a rod.


Everyone, that is, except for Tootle Bug.  She refused to touch the shrimp we had for bait.


I have a hard fast rule, you bait your own hook.  If you can’t bait it, you at least have to be willing to hand me the bait.  So, she was a spectator for about 15 minutes.  Then, she worked up the courage to touch the shrimp – which was already dead, by the way.

And wouldn’t you know it?  She caught a fish!!!!


By the time we were finished fishing, she was reminding me, “Mom!  I need to touch my bait!”  Priceless!!!!!


Bubba did his fair share of fish slaying too!

Then, we decided to take a ride down the river.  It was so beautiful!


On a side note – do you see that little scar on Sugar Belle’s cheek?  She scratched herself when she was about 4 days old and left that scar!!!

Moving on….


We had a nice time cruising the river, and we saw some interesting sites.


Like these tree’s, who’s root have been exposed. See???


Very weird looking.


Speaking of weird looking….


Ahh, and see a pink koozie…that would have been Tootle Bug’s.

Mr. OverKill was SO tempted…


But we don’t believe in traumatizing our kiddos for our enjoyment…..or do we???


Little Man was trying to watch the waves hitting the boat…but he fell asleep.  Poor guy.

But one good thing came out of his falling asleep like that…I got this great picture of my redhead.


Can you see it?????

Well it’s there….

I promise!

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