Be carefull little eyes what you see….

by frazzledmama on September 9, 2008

A couple of weeks ago while checking out at Publix my 8 year old son was gawking at one of the magazine covers. It was some tabloid asking which celebrity has the best beach body, and of course they had said bodies covering the entire cover. Some of those bikinis, well you know. So, I directed his attention to the other side of the checkout aisle, only to realize that I really didn’t need him reading the cover of Cosmo either. I could just hear it, “Mom what is an orgasm and why do I need to have more of them?”. Shesh! Now, I realize that they are suppose to have some of those magazines behind a white plastic thingy to keep little eyes from seeing what they don’t need to. But, on this aisle, there was not a cover to be found for all of these inappropriate magazines. It really burned me! I have worked really hard to keep my children from being exposed to certain things, the world’s view of sexuality being one of them. Now, I can’t even check out at Publix!

Then I remembered something, when we were on vacation in Deerfield Beach a while back, the Publix there had a kid-friendly checkout aisle.  There was no candy, no Cosmo, no tabloids.  Instead, there were snacks and gum, and the magazines were all family-oriented, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Fun, Archie Comics, etc.

The more I pondered this, I thought I wonder (and hope) if there are any other moms who feel the way I do about this situation. So, I have posted a copy of the letter I am planning to take to the manager at our local Publix, Mr. Bustamante. If you agree with what I have expressed in this letter, would you take a moment to sign the petition at the bottom of that letter?  It’s time to take a stand for our kids ya’ll. I’m not saying I want them to ban the stuff, this is America after all, I just want to bring back some propriety, for the sake of my children.

PS, there is also a link at the top of this page, on the right hand side.  Please, pass this along to anyone you feel would be interested!

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