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by frazzledmama on August 22, 2008

I have finally settled on our curriculum for this year.  Now, as I stated before we homeschool year-round, but my oldest starts his new school-year in September and the younger 2 in January.  At least that was the plan, until the cute little smarty-pants girls picked up the pace and will now finish their school year 3 months early.  Which is really OK, because now they will all be on a “fall” start date.

I have always tried to make school fun for my kiddos, but baby 3 and shortly after baby 4 caused me to find refuge in simple, quick, lovely, wonderful ABeka.  We used mostly ABeka curriculum until just this past year.  I started feeling like I had the time to put a little more effort into the kids school, so we began doing lapbooks.  Let me just tell you how much I LOVE lapbooks.  What? I already did.  Sorry, moving on. 

So here is the line up:

Bubba, 4th Grade:

Reading-Sonlight Reading List I am hoping to complete the lists for 4th and 5th grade this year. – We shall see. Last year Bubba got bored after about the second ABeka reader.  So, we switched to reading from the Sonlight list and he read a total of 2000 pages for school this past year. So, we are going to continue with this for now.  He likes it, and that’s what matters to me right now.  I want him to enjoy reading!  The upside to this, is that I can get 85% of these books at our local library, and the other 15% from friends who have used Sonlight in the past.

Math-Good old ABeka.  We have had a lot of success with ABeka and I think we will stick with it for at least another year.  My onliest beef with it is that it has a LOT of repition, that in my opinion, is too much for a boy. What?  Onliest???? I see you have never read The Perilous Road.

Language- This year we are trying something new.  We are going to be using Great Source materials, which I used to teach at the middle school level and was very pleased with.  Hopefully, the elementray will also be a great program.

Handwriting-Again tried and true Italic Handwriting, book D.

Spelling-we are kind of hit and miss with Spelling.  We have been working through the most commonly used words lists.  This year I think he will have more practical practice in his writing /language program.

Sugarbelle, 2nd Grade:

Reading-Sonlight Reading list for intermediate 2nd grade readers

Math-ABeka.  Again with the repition.  I typically make sure they have the concept solid in their beautiful little heads and then let them skip some of the repition.

Language-Write Source

Spelling-This year we will start with most commonly used words lists.

Handwriting-Italic Handwriting, book C.

Tootle Bug, 1st grade:

Reading- We will wrap up 100EZ Lessons and then begin the Sonlight 2nd grade reading list.

Math-take a guess….ABeka.

Handwriting-you got it, Italic Handwriting, book B.

Then, together we will all do the following:

History- Last year Bubba read through The Light and the Glory for Children. This year my sister (yes the measure monster maker’s mother) was trying to convince me to use The Story of the World, so that we could share some resources, etc.  I was 95% certain that we would try it.  That last 5%, well if The Pinoeer Woman uses it, it must be good!

Science- Apologia’s Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day and the coordinating lapbook from Knowledge Box Central. Yeah!  I still get to use a lapbook!


And this guy, he still has it easy, Super Why games at pbskids.com, and Preschool in a Bag activities.

Just typing that all out makes me tired!  I think that is my linkiest post ever!

And I think I’m going to teach it?????? 

 Ya’ll need to pray for me!

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