My “Uncle Donald” Garden

by frazzledmama on August 21, 2008

A little while back I posted about getting my new garden underway.  Well, before Fay came we had gotten about 85% of the work done on the garden.  Which is good, as Uncle Donald was quizing me Sunday at church “What needs to happen on September 1st?”  I knew the answer (yeah me!) seeds need to be going in the dirt that day.  So, here is our new garden, step-by-step.  (Sorry for those of you on dial up -Suzie- this one has a LOT of pics).

First, we needed some foundations for the blocks.  I was planning to just buy some pavers at Home Depot, but Hubby decided that it would be better and cheaper to pour concrete ourselves. (BTW, it’s not cheaper but it is defintily very professional and clean looking.)  So, Hubby built some forms and set them up where I wanted the garden. 

See that patch of black dirt?  That’s where we had to fill in Bo the Beagle’s giant hole.  I don’t think he’s too happy about it…

he’s as temperamental as the kids!

After making sure the forms were level,

Hubby mixed,

and poured the concrete.

And the finished product….

Isn’t he handy?  Let me pause here to say that my sweet, wonderful Hubby is notrious for over-doing things.  These foundations are a good example, the pavers would have been absolutely fine, but he could do it bigger and better.  Another example would be the swing set he built for the kids a couple of years ago for Christmas…

Henceforth, he shall be Mr. Overkill.

Ok, back to the garden.

So, we needed to bring in a little fill dirt around the foundations.

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He was so determined!

Ahhh… satisfaction in a job well done(or maybe in dirt)!

Then, on top of the foundations, we put four cinder blocks.  Mr. Overkill made sure that they were all very strategically placed the same direction top and bottom on each set….wow.

And the finished product…

Now, it occurs to me that it looks like Mr. Overkill did all the work.  Not true!  I took the pictures! 

Just kidding, I did help and ran and snapped photos as we completed each phase.

Living up to his name, Mr. Overkill made these braces for the culvert pipe to sit on.

And the final finished product….drum roll please……



We will be finishing up side two as soon as Mr. O gets more culvert pipe.  He felt that he didn’t cut them straight enough, and they wouldn’t work properly.  Of course, I will be updating you all about my garden as it grows.


Mr. Overkill strikes again!

I wonder what he thinks I’ll be growing???



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Cassie August 31, 2008 at 5:34 pm

I really don’t like the name Mr. Overkill, you know he could be Mr. Half*** and then what would you have?


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