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by frazzledmama on December 11, 2009


So, a few days ago I asked you “What does God want from us as women?”. I’m not sure if I phrased that quite right or not.  I guess what I am asking is, when you think of a SUPER Godly woman, what do you think of?

My kneejerk reaction would be to say someone who is very knowledgeable about their Bible, who studies and prays for hours on end each day.  A person who never losses their temper, always knows the right thing to say and the right way to handle situations. Someone who loves people unconditionally…I think I’ll stop there.

But, I was introduced to an interesting thought the other day…the most often referenced passage in the Bible regarding women, Proverbs 31, doesn’t mention one time that she spends hours studying, yet this the most in depth description we have of a “morally excellent”  woman.

Now, it’s obvious from her behavior that she has knowledge of the Scripture…but it’s what she does with that knowledge that makes her a virtuous woman.

She works hard for her family at her home.

She earns money and invests money/assets.

She reaches out to the poor.

She plans for the future. She is prepared for weather changes and growth spurts ;)

She watches over the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness – Let me pause to give you a definition of idleness, because I was thinking, laziness, non-working, etc. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines idleness as “lacking worth or basis.”

This lady is busy serving her family in a way that had worth! Wow!

Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be studying our Bibles, reading everyday. I am also not saying that there aren’t seasons of our lives in which we have more time for study…but it doesn’t appear that the Proverbs 31 Woman is studying all the time. However, she is excellent at applying what she knows by serving her family, being wise, being kind, and reaching out to those in need.

I have a hard time with women (who have children at home) who spend all their time studying, mentoring, “encouraging others” which only leads to gossip, and all the while they are neglecting their families and homes.  They seem to be seeking to climb some “spiritual ladder’”, to be recognized as a woman who is wise and knowledgeable. These ladies are seeking the praise of others instead of seeking to please their God.

The Proverbs 31 Woman put her faith into action by serving her family first, and then seeking to increase their material possessions. She shared her families abundance with those in need. Her husband knew that she had the home front under control, so that he could focus on what the Lord had given him to do.

Ladies, we need to remember that this isn’t The Frazzled Mama’s opinion of how things should operate, but the Lord’s.  He has given us a clear picture of the direction we need to be headed.  He didn’t say that a virtuous wife was enrolled in 15 Bible studies, but that she served her family, and loved those around her.

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