Well, what you have here…is a porridge problem…..

by frazzledmama on March 17, 2008

This weekend my hubby and 2 oldest kiddos went to the drag races. The day before they left, it was a little hectic around here, although that is pretty much standard isn’t it???? Anywho, Hubby had a 4 wheeler in the back of my van, that he is fixing for my parents. So, he decided to park the 4 wheeler on the back porch, thus saving time by not running it out to his shop. The 2 littles had a blast on it this weekend, pretending to drive all over creation on it. Well, on Saturday my youngest daughter came in from the back porch, in her fairy costume, to let me know that she had figured out what was wrong with said 4 wheeler.

Fairy: “It has porridge.”

FM “It has what?”

Fairy: “The 4 wheeler, it has porridge in it, that’s what’s wrong with it.”

FM: “Porridge?”

Fairy: “Yeah.”

FM ” Like Goldilocks and the 3 bears kinda porridge?”

Fairy: “Yep.”

At which point I broke out in hysterical laughter. When I recovered I caught the Fairy Mechanic in action….



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Cyndi March 18, 2008 at 1:12 am

that is to funny! I am so glad that she figured all that out by herself! What a smarty! I bet it was the wings that really helped her out with the automotive components. It’s hard nowadays to find a good fairy, much less one that can work under the hood. You know what I mean!!


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