C-Section do’s and don’ts.

by frazzledmama on September 9, 2009

A few years ago a friend of mine was preparing to have her fourth baby, via planned c-section.  She was telling me how bummed she was, as all her other children had been born, “the natural way.”

I have never had the privilege of giving birth “naturally,” but I know how she felt.  I really struggled after Bubba’s birth (that’s a story in itself)  turned into an emergency c-section. I feel that because of my Graves disease, my body just couldn’t go into labor naturally…or even with a little prodding from me, so all four of my children were born c-section.  But, now I do have the privilege of passing on some wisdom from my experiences.


So, here they are, my c-section do’s and don’ts.


1. Prepare your heart and mind to enjoy this unique birth process.  It is the only one you will have for this child, so try to enjoy it.

2. Memorize a couple of Bible verses or praise songs to run through your mind during your surgery. My favorite for delivery was “Lord, you have been good….” And make sure to pray with your family before going in.

3. Have someone in the pre-op room and operating room with you.  Ask them to take lots of new baby pictures, and any pictures they can get of you with baby. (and make sure they are cool with holding your hand:)

4. Shave your legs, or get them waxed just before your delivery…trust me, you don’t want to bend over to shave, if you don’t have to….it’s a pet peeve with me…no stubbly legs!

5. Listen to your nurse!

6. Have your catheter removed ASAP.  It forces you to get up and walk.  The sooner and the more you walk, the faster you will heal.

7. If you are still having pain at your incision site, ask for Tylenol or Motrin to take on top of your prescribed pain medication.

8. When you get home, pour peroxide on your incision daily. It helps prevent infection.  Trust me.

9. Ask for help.  Sometimes people won’t offer, or don’t know how to help.  Ask them!!!


1. Don’t wear anything metal on the day of the delivery.  You’re not allowed…even if it’s the tiny bit of metal that holds your ponytail together – trust me!

2. Don’t make jokes when they are asking you “Why are you here today?”  five million times.  Seriously??? “I swallowed a basketball…duh!”

3. Don’t think about what is about to happen to you..it will freak you out.

4. Don’t refuse the meds they offer you for nausea after delivery.  Trust me.

5. Don’t pick up anything heavier than baby.  Trust me.

6. Don’t push yourself!  You will be having major surgery and then have a newborn to tend to.  Put everything else on hold for at least 2-3 weeks.

I hope that my experience can help others out there to enjoy thier unique deilivery and be thankful that we have the technology to bring children into the world, who might otherwise have never been part of our family.

By the way, that photo was taken 2 weeks before my last c-section with Little Man.  He was my biggest baby, and boy could I tell!

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Windi September 9, 2009 at 11:10 pm

Ok, you know me, so send me some songs to listen to and I will memorize them as well as the best verse you think is for me. I am so scared of this !!! I know it will all be ok but I am still scared! Will you say a few prayers for me.. I have been praying everynight for peace and comfort as well as a safe and healthy experience. Love to you all !!


Ashlei March 13, 2015 at 3:13 pm

I forgot I read this before and from a one time c-section momma I can attest all good advice! I am writing as I am just getting to my third trimester with our second and of course the whole VBAC vs scheduled c-section question looms large, not because of a bad experience with my first one (easy peazy recovery), but because we are pretty convinced we are going to try for one more child after this and the thought of three c-sections seems well, not ideal. I am so thankful to re-read this and be reminded that not only do I have a friend who has had three healthy babies and recoveries from c section I also know someone who has had four! It is a real blessing to have this peace of mind knowing that you have been there times four!


frazzledmama March 16, 2015 at 5:17 pm

Awe congrats! I didn’t realize you were expecting again :-) How exciting!!!


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