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by frazzledmama on June 10, 2008



We are having Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our church this week. It has been a blast! I think the teachers are having as much fun as the kids. I wanted to post some pictures of our stage and room decorations, just in case someone else is doing the same VBS program and needs some ideas. I am hoping to enlist some picture taking help tomorrow of our stage crew!


This is our neat-o stage.  I need to get a close up of the table in front.  It has cool looking experiments goin on.

Our lovely robots who suck up the kids offering money.


Entry way




Gears in the hallway….


Up close, the kids really liked these.

 Bible blast room, such an awesome job decorating and the coolest lessons!


My experiement from Monday.

It didn’t quite go as it was supposed to.  I took these pictures after I had a trial run in the kitchen.  The trial was great.  It worked perfectly.  What you end up with is one huge bubble that eventually pops and oozes fog.  Then, you end up with lots of little bubbles like the picture here.  Of course when I was on stage trying to get it to work right in front of 90+ kids all I got was about a million little bubbles.  Oh well, the kids really liked it anyway.  I think the trick is to use a glass bowl.


I hope to post more about VBS soon!

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