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by frazzledmama on May 6, 2009

Well, I think I mentioned that we had a spur of the moment trip to Chuck E Cheese yesterday.  The kiddos really enjoyed it, especially Tootle Bug and Little Man.  They don’t really remember having been to Chuck E before, so it was all very new to them.

monster truck

Little Man went straight for the Monster Truck.  At one point or another I think they all rode in it, except for maybe Bubba.


Sugar Belle raced in the Ken-Chuck E Derby (cheesy I know, but that’s what it was called!) (Ha, cheesy!)


The Littles even posed with the man himself!

tv star

About 30 minutes before we needed to leave, Tootle Bug found the blue screen.  She played there for the rest of time. She was a TV Super Star!


I even got a nice pic of me and Little Man.

The best part of the day, by far was when Bubba spent some of his winning tickets to by me a gift…


In’t he sweet ya’ll??????

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