A Hen’s Teeth Evening

by frazzledmama on August 25, 2014

This evening, a rare thing happened.  I was alone. For two whole hours.  Dinner was done, the house was clean…I didn’t even have laundry to fold.  I ate a leisurely supper while watching Doctor Who, and then took a soak in the hot tub and read a book.

I know….

As rare as hen’s teeth.

It was…amazing!

But then, as any mom who has been separated from their child for any period of time knows, I paid for it. It never fails, and it seems that the longer you are separated from your children, the more you have to pay for it.


So, tonight, the kids came home from being at their grandparents for two hours.  They were a little wound up.  To be expected, wouldn’t you say?  Sugar Belle began practicing her cello (she’s a little obsessed at the moment), and I set the Littles to making sandwiches for themselves for tomorrow.  (Ha-ha!  Littles…they are 9 and 10..almost 11.) Next thing I know the Littles are cutting up in the kitchen, so I reminded them of their task, and headed back to hide do some computer work in my room.  Next thing I know Little Man is squawking from the bathroom for toilet paper, and Tootle is ever so sllllooooowwwlllllyyyyyy bringing him some. 

Next, I hear poor Bo Dog being scolded within an inch of his life and being put in his kennel. 


He ate the sandwiches.


Then buttons got pushed on the over on accident and Mr. Overkill and Bubba’s dinner got charred.


Sandwiches were remade, barbeque sauce was applied to the charred chicken, and the Littles are now in bed, while Sugar Belle serenades me and my computer.

You know what?  It was totally worth it ;) A hen’s teeth evening.

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#tfmskirts Prizes Revealed!!!

by frazzledmama on August 24, 2014

With only 1 week left in the 30day skirt challenge I wanted to give all you challengers some encouragement to finish strong….


We are so thankful for all these wonderful companies that are striving to supply women and girls with modest and fashionable clothing.  We are feeling especially blessed that we can offer our #tfmskirts challengers so many awesome prizes!

How to Sew Denim eBook

First up, Olivia over at Fresh Modesty has donated one copy of her eBook entitled, “How to Sew Denim.” 


I bought a copy of this book for Sugar Belle. It is packed full of information about denim, how to sew with it, care for it, and the patterns you need to make 2 super cute skirts.  Sugar Belle is eager to hit the fabric store next week on our trip out of town to pick up some denim and get started.  I want the Destination skirt.  It cute and looks super comfy.

Kosher Casual $25.00 Gift Card

Next up, Kosher Casual!  Kosher Casual is over 5 years old. They manufacture their own goods in Israel. They have developed some unusual products like their trademarked Sleevies® and TeeNecks®, as well as running skirt with leggings and their range of skirts, tops and accessories, which appeal to all women. 


Their goal is to make modesty clothing readily available to women.  Kosher Casual has generously donated a $25.00 gift card to be used at their online store found at www.koshercasual.com.


Modest Apparel USA $25.00 Gift Card

Our next sponsor is Modest Apparel USA. Modest Apparel USA is a family owned company and all of their products are American made.  They offer a wide variety of products from slips and culottes to tops and tees for girls and women.  Modest Apparel has donated a $25.00 gift card to spend on their website, www.modestapparelusa.com.

Sweet Salt Clothing Skirt, $35.00 Gift Card

Sweet Salt Clothing offers a fashionable, affordable, and modest clothing line. Their products range from modest camis to fashion tops and skirts of a wide variety. 


They have generously donated a $35.00 gift card to be used on heir website.

Dainty Jewels $50.00 Gift Card

Dainty Jewels offer a wide assortment of modest clothing.  They offer some of the most stunning vintage items I have seen in quite a while.  They also offer modern selections from swimwear, daily clothes, and bridesmaids dresses. 

dainty jewells

Dainty Jewels has graciously donated a $50.00 gift card for use on their website.


Are you as excited as we are about these prizes???  We are beginning to wish that we were eligible to win ;)  Just a reminder, each time you post your daily picture on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #tfmskirts your name is entered in the drawing for one of our fabulous prizes.  It isn’t too late to join in and post your pictures this week.  We’d love to see them!

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Day 15, We’re Half Way There!!!

by frazzledmama on August 15, 2014

We have had so much fun seeing your #tfmskirts pictures over the last 2 weeks!  We have learned some new things and perhaps developed some new attitudes.  So, the following are our thoughts about the last 15 days.

late night blogging
What can I say? We got a little distracted and silly while writing this post :)

Tootle Bug: I feel a lot better about wearing skirts than I did at the start, because I didn’t wear skirts as much before.  Lots of my skirts are very comfortable.  With most of them I wear shorts under, so I feel better about wearing them, because I have pants on ;)

Sugar Belle: I was kind of bummed that there weren’t more people participating in the 30 Day Skirt Challenge, especially people my age. :(  But, I’ve had fun seeing all the pictures you guys have posted! We’ve had over 100 pictures posted on Facebook and Instagram, and that it is awesome!  Don’t stop now, we are half way through the challenge!  If you haven’t joined us yet, please do, it’s not too late!  We have some really awesome prizes lined up for you all, and all you have to do is wear a skirt(and post your picture with the hashtag #tfmskirts)  to be entered to win.  We will be posting all about our fabulous prizes and sponsors next week.

The Frazzled Mama: I am thrilled with the response for the skirt challenge.  I know that skirts are not a popular clothing choice and that getting a picture taken or taking a selfie can be a pain, and even a little awkward.  So the fact that we have over 100 submissions at the half way point is exciting to me.  I’m also super excited about the prizes we are offering.  So many great companies have been extremely generous in supporting our #tfmskirts challenge.  As Shug said, next week we will be posting more specific details about the prizes and our wonderful sponsors.

I’d like to encourage you to upload and tag your photos, even if you only wear a skirt/dress one day.  It would be so encouraging to the girls here in Frazzled Mama Land.

On to my thoughts. First, I have more clearly realized that I have a tendency to take myself way too seriously.  Trying to get pictures taken that don’t make me view myself as a total dork has been a little daunting.  When I posted the following picture collage, I had given up on getting a decent pic and just decided to go with the silly vibe.

silly skirts

What’s funny is that I had so much feedback about that set of pics and how everyone loved them.  Yeah, so first lesson learned, I need to be silly more often and not take myself so seriously.

Lesson two, has really hit me on two levels, first,  as someone who has struggled with weight and body image issues for the vast majority of my life. And second as someone who has lost roughly 80 pounds over the last 7 years.  Having to look at full body pictures of myself everyday has really helped solidify in my head that I am no longer “over weight.”  Sure I wouldn’t mind dropping a few more here and there, but 80 pounds is quite a bit of weight. Some of the pictures literally startled me, because in my mind, I’m still 80 pounds over weight. I would literally just sit and stare at the camera and think, “Wow, that’s me…..”

Lesson three, Skimmies are my new best friend.  Seriously, check them out!  I want to order a pair in each color!!! Of course, if I did, I would have some serious explaining to do to Mr. OverKill.  Yes, they are pricey, but they work wonders!

I’d like to encourage you to upload and tag your photos, even if you only wear a skirt/dress one day.  I t would be so encouraging to the girls here in Frazzled Mama Land.

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