Touring Boston During a Nor’easter

by frazzledmama on December 15, 2014

When we finished touring Plymouth, we headed north the last few miles to Boston.  In a now hilarious, not so hilarious then mistake, we ended up driving the big blue van through downtown Boston.  Yikes! 


The next day a lovely Nor’easter was blowing in as we bundled up to walk the Freedom Trail.  I was excited to have a chance to wear my fabulous patriotic scarf ;)


We took the T into town, which was an experience in itself.


After grabbing some coffee, we started out on the Freedom Trail.


These two took the trail very literally….staying on the red brick!


Paul Revere’s grave.


The churches in Boston are just stunning.  The last time Mr. OverKill and I were there we didn’t venture into any of them.  We were so glad we did this time with the kids.  Such rich history and beautiful design!


We also toured Paul Revere’s house.


Poor kiddos….they were freezing!


It was very interesting to me that the master bedroom was also the main entertaining area of the home.  I suppose that would be good motivation for me to keep my room clean, it’s a catch all right now ;)


While the kids were checking out this statue of Paul Revere, a random guy came up to them and asked if they realized that Paul Revere didn’t ride alone that night, but he had 2 companions…etc., etc.  The kids were like, “Yep.”  Can’t stump these homeschoolers ;)  Turns out this guy was a direct descendant of one of the other riders.  They chatted for a few minutes, and it ended up being a neat encounter.


The Old North Church was just as stunning.  Again, full of history!  The kids enjoyed seeing the quotes from Lafayette regarding the bust of George Washington.  And I just really thought it was cool that they appreciated and remembered the different figures from our nation’s history.


One of my favorite stops, not SB, but the Giant Steaming Tea Pot. 


Poor freezing kids standing on the site of the Boston Massacre.


And now with normal faces ;)


I had fun taking pictures….


And of course, they had to have a picture with Samuel Adams.


Tootle Bug decided she really likes the city life, and wants to live in Boston some day.  She really looked like a regular as we rode the T back to our hotel.


Him, not so much ;)

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Unwavering Faith–Plymouth

by frazzledmama on November 27, 2014

After driving for an entire day, we arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts late that night.  After what felt like a short nap, we got bundled up and headed out to see the Monument to the Forefathers.


I don’t believe that I’ve said that it was Mr. OverKill who really wanted to go to New England for a vacation.   He’s wanted to go for a couple years now, and since we had just finished learning about the colonization of America, we decided we would make the trip happen this year. Mr. Ok was inspired to make the trek after watching the documentary, “Monumental.”  If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly encourage you to.  It really offers a realistic perspective on the sacrifice and struggles of the Pilgrims.


This monument is hands down the most massive and impressive monument I have ever seen.


It is an incredible reminder to us, a roadmap even, of how our nation became so successful.






It really is such a shame that this monument has been largely forgotten about and passed over.  After we studied all the little details on the Monument to the Forefathers, we headed down to see the Mayflower II.


Another fabulous, eye-opening stop on our trip.  That ship was tiny. I couldn’t even imagine cramming all those people in that ship…in the dark hold…with seasickness, and waste….


We also stopped at the legendary Plymouth Rock.


I was thinking today how great the Lord’s timing is, I mean look here’s a great post about Plymouth on Thanksgiving!  This year, Thanksgiving took on an entirely new meaning for me after visiting this historic city and learning more about the Pilgrims and the massive sacrifices they made.  Their unwavering faith in the Lord even in face of horrible adversity is inspiring and humbling.

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Unexpected Travel Blessings–Vacation 2014

by frazzledmama on November 18, 2014

I was so very sad when I realized after we left the Digger’s Dungeon that we crossed Chesapeake Bay in the dark!  What a bummer.  I still have yet to actually see the Chesapeake Bay….

We spent the next day driving….all….day….long.


Well, almost all day, we did have the unexpected blessing of being able to ferry across the Delaware Bay.

What’s funny is, we are not “ferrying” people.  I only took a ferry once and Mr.OverKill had never taken one.  We didn’t realize there were things to consider like, schedules and reservations….   We pulled up to the gate at 12:15 to find that the ferry was going to depart at 12:30.  Everyone got super excited…until the nice lady at the gate explained that the ferry had just sold out.  She said we could go ahead and buy a ticket and they would try to put us on the ferry, but if they were all full, we could get a refund.


We decided to go ahead and buy the ticket.  We were put in the standby lane and the kids and I jumped out real quick to snap a photo in front of the mini ferry.

We waited anxiously, and the kiddos prayed….and we did indeed make it on!  They took us and one more car. See?


Tootle Bug was worried that the van was going to fall off.  So cute!


The kids were so excited to take the one hour ride across the bay, which shaved hours off our trip.  They had fun exploring the ship and watching for dolphins.  What a blessing from the Lord!!!  An unexpected adventure in the middle of our day of driving.


I was a beautiful day, and there were some amazing clouds.


We landed in New Jersey, ate a quick lunch and got back on the road.


Look familiar?


That’s as close to New York City as we cared to get.  We drove on through Connecticut and the fam had dinner at an amazing little chicken place.  (I had dinner at Trader Joe’s ;) We rallied after dinner and pressed on to stop for the night at our next stop, Plymouth!

When we look back on out trip, this day stands out to us as our 3rd unexpected blessing from the Lord.

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