All the reasons I haven’t been blogging lately.

by frazzledmama on May 3, 2016

Wow…what a title. Get ready for some excuses y’all.

Not really…..but…

It has been almost 2 months since my last post.

Oh. My. Word.

I’m hoping to starting posting regularly again….I know you’ve heard that before. But really, I am.

I had some software issues after upgrading to Windows 10 a couple of months ago, and simply did not have the time to attempt a fix.  Apparently, other people had the same issue and let Windows know about it, because when my computer updated a week ago, it fixed itself.  (You don’t hear that too often!)

I haven’t really posted anything about our family goings on since before Christmas, and so I’d like to do that in this post, and then maybe I can get back to James. ;)

We decided this year, rather than take one long vacation, which is hard for Mr. OverKill and I to do with the business, we would take a few long weekend trips.  We kicked of the New Year hiking in Providence Canyon, Georgia.


This place is amazing and I highly recommend making a visit.


Mr. OverKill and I are adjusting to having 2 teens and 2 more nearly teens.  It’s definitely an adjustment, but we are also finding that it has fun moments and we often have more opportunities to spend time just the two of us. It’s neat to watch them grow and become more independent. It’s kind of sad too.


We had a first this year, after 10 years of ownership, we finally got the van stuck in some mud.  All I have to say is, I wasn’t driving ;)

I’m not sure if I mentioned it here on the blog or not, but we expanded our business with a second shop more dedicated to hydraulic repairs, and also making custom hydraulic hoses.  We started the transition last summer, and it has been quite a ride!  The Lord has been blessing us, and it has been going very well, but it has also been keeping us rather busy :)


I have basically started working part time doing bookkeeping and inventory at the new shop.  Another reason the blog has been quieter lately.

Of course that didn’t stop me from tackling a bedroom makeover in February. That will need to be a post all it’s own.  I’m SO pleased with how it came out and owe tons of thanks to my friend Crazy Kristen for all her help.

In March Little Man had surgery to remove a cholesteatoma  from his right ear.  You can read more about that here.


He did great, and the surgery went extremely well. One of the bones in his middle ear had been eroded by the cholesteatoma, but they were able to replace it with a titanium  prosthetic ear bone. He is healing nicely and we will see the doc again this week, at which time I believe they will perform another hearing test to see if he has regained any hearing.

Also something I’m not sure if I have mentioned here or not….In the fall the girls auditioned for a youth symphony over on the coast and were accepted. So they have been playing with 2 groups this year.


It has been a great experience for them to play with a full symphony, but it has also been one more time commitment…excuse….tomato/tomahto.

Bubba and I were able to tour Florida Polytechnic last month and I believe he has decided that is where he would like to attend college. He’s been taking some classes through dual enrollment, and will continue to do that over the summer.

And once again the kids participated in the FACCS competition this month.


They all played well and have advanced to the State Competition.  Here’s a clip of the trio that they played.

As soon as they finished playing at FACCS we headed out to Savannah for one of our weekend trips. It was great, and we got to spend some time with Mr. Overkill’s Uncle, as he generously allowed us to stay with him…allll weekend…..alll 6 of us.  I’m pretty sure he took a nap when we left on Monday ;)


And now that we are back home, The Three Strings are working hard to finish raising money for summer camp. Here’s some info on them an what they are doing.  They’d love it if you would follow them on Facebook :)



So there you have it.  The last 4months in a nutshell.

Here’s hoping I can be more regular with posts.

I know, don’t hold your breath.  LOL!

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A Good Good Father

by frazzledmama on March 9, 2016

I have been so blessed by this song over the last few weeks.  But I always felt as though something in my heart was…hesitating to completely embrace the the statement, “You are perfect in all of your ways.”   In my mind I can acknowledge that fact.  But my heart…my heart remembers that sometimes God’s perfect ways involve pain, heartbreak, and sorrow. I kept identifying the feeling I was having as “hesitating” until the Lord revealed to me what I was feeling.

I do believe that God is a good, good father, and that He is perfect in all of His ways, and that He is faithful and loving to His children.  But I also have come to learn that those things don’t always look the way my heart and mind would portray them.   The longer I walk with the Lord and learn of Him, I see that sometimes His perfect plan brings difficulty into our lives.  But He is GOOD and He never leaves us to walk through the difficulties alone.

I no longer sing words like “You are perfect in all your ways,” and “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders” with great, wild, naive abandon. I now sing with great reverence, seasoned by experience. Yes, my soul longs for these things, but my heart knows what it may cost and my flesh trembles.

And yet, He is a good, good Father.

And yet, He is faithful.

And yet, I tremble, and I cry out with many saints of old, “I believe, help my unbelief!”

What I initially thought was a hesitation to agree that He is perfect and good, is not that at all.  It is a deepening of my understanding of God and who He is.  My idea of perfection is not His idea of perfection. When I sing “You are perfect in all of Your ways,” there is a deep feeling of reverence and awe for who He is, a deep respect for His ways that I have learned bring joy and pain, sickness and healing, loss and gain.  When I sing that He is good and perfect I can now recognize that my view of “good and perfect” are simple, basic, almost childish when compared to His view of “good and perfect.”

And so, I will sing…I will offer my praise of who He is as I beg for the faith to do so.

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Conquering the Feeling of Inadequacy

by frazzledmama on January 21, 2016

Recently I texted a friend of mine to ask how I could be praying for her throughout the week.  She replied several hours later with one simple statement,

“Feeling inadequate….big time.”

As I thought about that seemingly simple statement I realized that it reflects the inner reality of all mankind.  We are all, at our base level, inadequate.  We can never be enough.  We are not holy enough to stand before God. We are not prepared enough to be parents. In short, we are not capable of handling life’s challenges on our own.

John 15:5 says,

John 15-5

Did you see that?  Nothing. Without Jesus we can do nothing. Nada, Zilch, Nothing.

Guess what?  We are inadequate.  Big time. Every last one of us. 

The only way that we can be adequate is to abide in Christ.

Strongs gives this definition of abide:

to remain, abide

  1. in reference to place
    1. to sojourn, tarry
    2. not to depart
      1. to continue to be present
      2. to be held, kept, continually

Oohhh…that last one makes me feel warm down to my toes…to be held and kept….continually.

Sweet friends, we are all inadequate when we try to live life on our terms and through our own strength.  But when we abide in Christ and draw from His love, His strength, His mercy, His wisdom, then…and only then can we be adequate.  Actually, more than simply adequate, Romans 8:37 says that we are MORE than conquerors.  Have you ever thought about what it means to be MORE than conquerors?  We aren’t just treading water, we aren’t just getting by, we are conquering and then some THROUGH Christ. In his book Risk is Right John Piper says the following about being more than conquerors,

We are more than conquerors in our afflictions, not by avoiding them.

We must walk through various trials and sufferings on this earth, including feeling inadequate,  but as we do our faith grows.  As we see the faithfulness of the Lord, our faith grows, and the end results is not simply conquering these “light afflictions” but through them being sanctified and increasing our faith.  This increase of faith is what makes our conquering “more.”  It isn’t just making it through the tough times, it’s hanging onto our faith in the Lord Jesus through them that makes us more than conquers.

So my dear readers, cling to Lord in the times of feeling inadequate for the task set before you.  Ask Him to fill you with His love for your children, His wisdom for tough decisions, and His grace for daily life. He will never give you more than you can handle, and He will always provide what you need so that you can continue to cling to Him.

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