Today I Turn 40

by frazzledmama on May 17, 2015

For the last few weeks I have been really struggling with that statement.  If you had asked me back in February how I felt about turning 40, I would have said, “Pretty good. I am healthier now than I have been for probably 15-20 years, and I am feeling good.”

Then, I got glutened….twice.  This fact alone threw my body into a hissy fit of inflammation you wouldn’t believe,  15 pounds to be exact.  Then, I started having panic attacks again hard and daily.

Well, you can just imagine what that does to a persons opinion of their body and themselves.  It’s been tough and the looming “big” birthday really just made things worse.

Thankfully, I think I have the panic attacks under control, with help help of altering some of my supplements, but the inflammation just won’t quit.

Then, Sunday came.

Ahhh…worship.  Nothing speaks to and sooths my soul quite like worship.  With tears streaming down my face, I sang, “In Christ Alone.”  I can’t tell you how this song has ministered to me over these tough years of health troubles.

As I sang I reflected on some great truths in my life.  First of all, how silly it is to be upset about turning 40, when we all hope for long lives!  Why do we do that to ourselves?  We freak out and think we are dying, and then we freak out because we are getting “old.”  Second, growing old is something that is denied to too many precious souls for me to lament about it.  The passing of a dear friend recently taught me that.  It also taught me my third point, live LIFE to it’s fullest, be present, and take pictures of the kiddos AND me. And finally, I wouldn’t trade the me I am today for the me I was 20 years ago.  The Lord has taught me too many precious truths!  He is shaping me and changing me into a person I like ;)  He is teaching me to love, not my way but His.  He has shown me how to trust Him in ways I never imagined possible.  He has taught me how to be the Proverbs 31 woman who laughs at the future.

I am so grateful for the 40 years the Lord has given me, and I am looking forward with a smile to the future.

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Recital 2015

by frazzledmama on May 17, 2015

I’m a little late in posting these, but I hope you all enjoy them and I know in years to come it will be fun to look back on these videos.

Precious times, with precious young people.

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How to Check up on your kiddos on Instagram

by frazzledmama on April 23, 2015

Want to see what your kids have been “liking” on Instagram?  Here’s a quick step-by-step that I use to monitor my kiddos Instagram usage.  Is it foolproof?  Of course not, but it definitely gives me insight into what they are looking at on IG.  I do require them to be private users, and I follow everyone that they follow, but you can also search IG and like photos without following the user.

So, here is how we do it:

insta 4_thumb[1]

Here’s a screen shot of my Instagram account.  ON YOUR CHILD’S DEVICE you need to open the profile page by tapping on the “person” icon, circled in red.

insta 1_thumb[5]

Next you need to click on the menu icon, also circled in red.

insta 2_thumb[1]

Finally click on the item, “Posts You’ve Liked,” which will result in a screen like this:

insta 3_thumb[1]

Regardless of whether or not the user is “following” another user, they can still like their pictures.  How is that possible?  Because you can search Instagram  using key words or hash tags (#youknowlikethis).

I started checking my kiddos IG accounts after seeing some questionable activity from some users they were following.  Because here is the kicker, on Instagram if you click on the little comment bubble with a heart in the middle, and choose the “following” tab, you can see what everyone you follow has “liked.”

insta 5

So, even though we have restrictions on searches and who the kiddos follow, they were still seeing some inappropriate stuff.

Again, I know this isn’t a foolproof method, I don’t think anything is when it comes to technology, but it has been a  help for our family, and I thought it might be a help for your family as well.

How do you monitor social media in your home?

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